Many times when dentists talk about extractions, they’re referring to impacted or poorly positioned wisdom teeth, which can cause discomfort, inflammation, infection, and even decay as they come into the mouth and push against other teeth. In cases like this—or in more extreme cases, where cysts develop around the wisdom teeth and jeopardize the health of the jaw bone—extraction will be the only viable option.  It is recommended that these cases are evaluated by Bastien Dental and referred to an oral surgeon for treatment.

But when it comes to teeth other than impacted wisdom teeth,  performing a tooth extraction is something that Bastien Dental would consider only after exhausting other options, and would only be done with a full patient consultation and consent.  If a tooth is traumatized, badly decaying, or there is excessive loss of bone around the tooth due to periodontal disease and the tooth is very mobile, then the dentist may seriously consider removing the tooth to preserve the health of the teeth surrounding it, as well as your over-all health.  Bastien Dental provides extraction services for most teeth, after thorough case evaluation.  In a small number of difficult cases, it is recommended that patient's visit an oral surgeon for treatment.